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Connecticut Home Buyer Education Seminar

As a Full Time REALTOR since 1997, I am proud to offer this Connecticut Home Buyer Primer to people who want to learn about real property ownership, as I truly enjoy sharing my experience and expertise to help others.  You may like to host an event at your location as a way to add value and help your immediate community, Real Estate is like sports, every game is different but the rules are the same.  Homebuyers have much to Learn as they enter the shopping and transaction environment. The depth, breadth and complexity of situational information can be overwhelming for anybody. The Internet complicates this, with more information presented by more people, with various intentions.

25 Topics in Buyer Education Agenda

Credit and Credit Repair- immediate steps

Renting vs. Buying Risk and Reward-

What is right for me in this time and market?

What will my housing costs be in the future?

How is home ownership related to quality of life?

How will home ownership benefit as a wealth building tool?

Quality of Life – neighborhood, recreation, zoning, control of environment.

First Time Buyer Opportunities

Types of Mortgages

Mortgage Pre Approval –  what pre-approval is not.

Current Market Analysis.

Recent HPI history since 1991

Short Sales and Foreclosures

How can one avoid foreclosure?

For Sale By Owner – Costs and Misconceptions.

Listing Agent vs. Buyer Agent Responsibilities.

Buyer Broker Agreements

Buyer Agency

Inspections & Disclosures

Existing Construction

New Construction

Single Family  vs Multi-family

20 Written Questions from the floor.



I look forward to hearing from you.


David Carr, M.A., Professional Standards Certified Specialist