Investment Depreciation and Rollovers in Real Estate

Maybe you are just learning about how to use  secured revenue sources to provide a down payment for an investment. It’s amazing to learn your IRA, 401k or SEP can be used to invest in real property, as long as you reinvest the income, just like a mutual fund or bond. The interesting part is how you can use use your retirement savings to secure a mortgage, allowing you to realize the potential of long term capitol appreciation for your portfolio.

If you used $75,000 to secure a $300,000 property with an annual net income of  $15,000 (after expenses) you would be realizing a 20% return on your investment ever year.  If you want to learn more,  let me know. I will share m expertise and market knowledge to guide you on a potentially rewarding pathway, as long as you are willing to be an active land lord.

Depreciation is another advantage of owning property, yet not as important when it is a tax deferred for retirement. Did you know after 30 years you loose the right t o depreciate your investment? Wise investors often  sell or transfer (using a 1031 Exchange)  aged assets so they can begin the process again on the 31st year. You are advised to discuss real estate accounting principles with your accountant, lawyer, and read I.R.S. materials

I always find it amazing how much I have learned since I began this vocation, and how much I can help people who have less experience. I appreciate the opportunity to be your fiduciary agent, and your introductions to friends who want to learn about real estate.