Introducing a Qualified Buyer to Your Property

I, David Carr, provide an unparalleled  company wide financial investment in the marketing of your property by utilizing Maximum Exposure internet listing enhancement packages on the most dominant real estate portals and websites.  When we work together your property will be seen on multiple real estate websites and portals supported by  Zillow®, Trulia®,® and®, and other resources specific to Southern Connecticut,  referenced by specific price and location searches. I will put your home in the most attractive  position in Connecticut. Your property will sell because we recognize comparable value while defining your exit plan and new horizon.

After I list your property you will find your listing on multiple websites due to Broker IDX Data Sharing Agreements.  I enhance your property presentation, providing more exposure to more interested, and qualified buyers. I can also re-position your property for repeated top slot viewing in all search engines at any time you choose.

Since 1996 I have made a commitment to the public, delivering honesty, integrity, insight and understanding in my professional, and personal life. I realize your home sale is one of the largest financial transactions you may complete. I know you want it to go smoothly, without surprise and false hope. I present best, and worst case scenarios, so we can have options instead of stress. Stress comes from not knowing what to do in a particular situation.  I negotiate on your behalf, maintaining confidentiality and order in the process.

Your home will stand out bearing the   brand.  HomeServices of America, Inc. is the second largest independent residential real estate brokerage firm in the United States and an affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway. HomeServices is comprised of an ever-expanding family of affiliate companies that are among the industry’s most respected real estate firms, most of which have an operating history of more than 54 years. . In Southern Connecticut, more people prefer Us because we are the best.  Don’t believe any other company can position your property better.

You may decide to offer your buyer a full service Home Buyer’s Warranty, protecting them from major expenses associated with the home for a year after purchase.

All your documents will be available in a secure, internal  electronic platform you may access and share with your team. I will also have a secure,  internal document signing platform so you can execute agreements from your smart-phone. The world is my office. Let’s meet up!

I will suggest a comparable market value, reflective of market velocity, not one that just sounds good when I am being interviewed. We will explore your goals to find ways to support, and accomplish them. I do not plan on instilling big dreams of a higher than median sale, then ask you for reduction in 30 days. I know you interview multiple agents. As an independent professional,  I offer more value, loyalty, and unbiased advice. I show ou all the comps. Don’t find out later my competitor skipped the two low sold properties half a mile from yours when they did their presentation. I have seen and heard of this too many times

All offers will be presented will be in writing with the buyer’s financial qualification.  I also offer you the added assurance of having all buyers pre-approved by my in house Berkshire Hathaway. Home Services mortgage originator.

Once we get an offer I will work with you to interpret the terms and conditions, presenting options and discussion your course of action. The work really begins after we find a buyer who offers and agreeable purchase price

Your enhanced property presentation will be supported by my excellent photography, descriptive narrative and exhaustive property specifics. Additionally, all buyer inquiries are delivered directly to me via our rapid response system  You will be kept in The Loop with my confidential transaction management platform where you can track the transaction progress and closing process. You can also review your documents with your contact sphere. Office (203) 877-2704 x440826

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