99 Things to Be Grateful for today

99 Things To Be Grateful For Today

May you find meaning, strength and hope in many of these centers while you explore other dimensions of your life experience.  

Ancestors and parents – who have struggled and persevered so that we could live life. Learn about your family history to appreciate all that your ancestors did in order to survive and thrive. Appreciate your parents, the two of them gave you their love, protection, time and resources in a time when you were helpless, without knowledge. 

Aging – It’s better to be over the hill than under the hill.  You have never known or experienced more than you have right now. You understand, and have the ability to leverage your abilities and your dreams better than ever before. You have formed trusted relationships, currently surrounding yourself with the best quality assembly of people you have ever known. With experience comes wisdom. Decisions and commitments get easier and clearer as you develop confidence in your decision making skills. Make the decision to take care of your body by eating well and exercising an hour a day. Be grateful for getting older, not everyone gets that opportunity. Use all you have learned so far to make tomorrow the best it can be.

Art Galleries provide a place of peaceful contemplation, where we can consider how other people see the world, and what their perspective means to us. Spending time viewing and discussing sculpture, paintings and photographs can connects us to other times, people and feelings of what it means to be a person. Art is one person’s expression of a moment in time that sometimes becomes eternal. Art Galleries inspire me to seek my own abilities to create.

Aquariums provide place to observe and marvel at the perfection of life in another world. 70% of the Earth is under water. The creatures that inhabit those depths feed us and mystify us with their unique abilities. A home aquarium provides the opportunity to enjoy watching the fish swim about, which is actually a natural form of relaxation, and an attractive addition to your living space. Many people enjoy visiting a public aquarium. Immersing yourself under water for while with another species can be interesting and refreshing. 

Bicycles provide a fun and healthy way to travel to many of the places I want to go. When I ride my bike I move at a slower pace while providing high quality low impact exercise for my body. I feel great after a bike ride, and find myself more connected to the people and places I pass by, all while saving money and not polluting the air. 

Beaches offer a place to quietly relax and be one with the water. Whether you find yourself lake side or ocean side the each beach has a unique character that provides a peaceful escape from wherever you were. Watching, hearing and feeling the power of the ocean is a timeless sensation that calls us back, again and again. Feeling the sand, warmed by the sun, surrounded by people with nothing else they want to do, is one of the most relaxing ways to spend a day.

Baseball is fun to watch or play. As a spectator you can enjoy a few hours outside with friends, following a defined rhythm of competition that has no sense of time, only duration. As a player, you can enjoy the fun of hitting the ball, running the bases, rooting for your team, and anticipating the next play in the field. No matter where you find yourself on the field, an afternoon spent playing baseball is one of the best times you can have on a warm, sunny day.

Body – is amazing and interesting. Your body moves you, helps you, heals itself and takes you where you want to go. Be grateful for your body and treat it with the respect it deserves. Fuel it with proper nutrition and exercise one hour a day. Be careful with it, and strengthen it. Use your body to the best of your ability, and most of all enjoy it. It is a great asset with great responsibility. I have enjoyed reading “Younger Next Year”, a good book about living fully. 

Brothers and Sisters can be a challenge, yet they are the people who know you deeply and longest. Usually they will always be there for you, no matter what. Honor the bond that you have, and strength this relationship as often as possible with regular communication and support. 

Curiosity – teaches us when we follow, and leads us to new understanding.

Creativity – is the ability to materialize anything you choose. You will make mistakes and need to sharpen your skills along the way to realization of your vision. Making plans and seeing them come to fruition is a rewarding experience that affirms our abilities. 

Charity – is a broad term that means many things to each person. For me, choosing to give a percentage of my earnings to people I trust will do well is an investment in the future, and a living example of my gratitude.

Change – is the ability learn from our past, the charting a new direction, and the challenge it creates as we make the transformation. Change is hard because we have to learn new things, make new relationships, and give up habits and lifestyles with which we have become accustomed. Change can be realized supported by our accumulated experience, current conditions, current relationships, desired relationships,  and perceived opportunities, We can begin the process of change anytime, or choose to remain the same. We can choose to change our thoughts, our physical presence, our activities, our beliefs and our expectations about life. 

Children – can teach us so much about living in innocence, in existential perfection without expectations. Children live in the moment – with little memory of what has happened in the past, or what may happen in the future. They love openly and immerse themselves in everything they do. Enjoy and treasure every chance you get to spend with children, yours or those of friends. Children grow before you know it, then that window of experience is gone. 

Camping allows me to live simply for a few days, creating time to be away from my responsibilities with little to do except hike, relax, and explore. Camping is easy and enjoyable these days with bigger, better tents that are easier to set up, air mattresses with rechargeable pumps. Add clean restrooms (in many state and private campgrounds), swimming and pre-made convenience food that can be prepared in boiling water or on a fry pan. Campfires provide a magical time and place for telling stories, singing songs and roasting marshmallows. Camping builds the foundations of great memories and big dreams.  What’s better than making coffee (in an old school percolator), eggs and (precooked) hash browns on you portable gas stove? Maybe cooking a fresh trout in butter and lemon. 

Community – is amazing and reaffirming.  In challenging times a strong community works together. When someone is in need, the community is there to provide support. Your neighbors and community will be there when you need them, especially if you are there for others in times of need. Our neighbors are not just in the physical neighborhood, but anywhere we define, and find community. Our world has truly become a global community, connected by the internet. We now see things that happened minutes ago, and have the ability to reach out and meet individuals around the world in seconds, for free. 

Clothing – allows us to express something about ourselves while it protects us from the elements. We choose what to wear, and can consider how our presentation causes other to perceive with us. Many people don’t have this option as they live in societies with political and religious clothing restrictions. 

Childhood – taught you a lot, and helped shape you into the amazing person you are today. Be grateful that you had so many amazing experiences in those years, and that you learned so much. I often remember that  “All I Really  need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” (Robert Fulghum) The simple lessons are often the most important.

Compliments – make people feel good. Enjoy them when you receive them and offer compliments whenever possible.

Cooking- is a time to be focused on a creative task done for people we care about.  Cooking is an exact science using ingredients of specific measure, crafted in an exact manner, to produce an enjoyable and healthy result. The creative and mechanical aspects of cooking are necessary, unless we want to dine out or eat prepared meals every day. Cooking can be very exciting and rewarding when we move beyond food preparation to culinary artistry.  Meal Preparation is a palate on which to create.

Churches offer a visible testament to the power, and mystery of religion, providing a place for people who seek to meet. People are drawn to churches to reflect, learn, find hope, seek direction and immerse themselves in a community of family, faith and friends. The service begins when we leave the sanctuary.

Challenges – make us strong, teach us about our ability, confidence, and push us to new levels of competence. Challenge helps us grow and moves us forward. Be grateful for the challenges you face because they make life more interesting and more rewarding. Some challenges need to be met with intensity, while other challenges require contemplation. 

Choices – are an exceptional gift, as many others in the world have a limited range of options. Americans have the ability to choose how we want to create, and live our lives. We have the choice to stay or go. To choose who we want to be around, how we want to live, where we want to live, and what we want to do. Our possibilities are endless and our experience is only limited by the choices we make and the skills we perfect.  

Dreams and goals – are what drive us. Believing in our Dreams is a true bonus. Dream big, set high standards and work to achieve your most important goals. The major thing that is stopping you from accomplishing anything is yourself. I believe that anybody can have any one thing or experience, no matter how great it is, if they: (a) Set their mind to attain that goal, (b) Make measurable steps toward the goal, and (c) speak about attaining the goal with others daily. 

Disappointment – allows you can learn what it means to fail, then find the strength to try again, and enjoy success that much more. When we are disappointed we have the opportunity to look inwards and know if we really did everything we could have to prevent the disappointment, then consider what we can do to move past it. Disappointment is often the realization of lost opportunity. When one door closes another one often opens. 

Death – reminds us that mortal life as we know it is not forever. We only have so much time to live our dreams and create the life we want. Our choices often become our reality, so making the choice to live fully today will allow tomorrow to hold meaningful memories. A life well lived can be enjoyed again and again in memory. 

Employment and Careers – are precious in the automated, high tech, world of global commerce today.  If you are not fully satisfied in your current position be grateful you have it, then look around to see what you can do to make your position more of what you want. Why did you come to this job in the first place, and what were you planning to achieve? Why did you not attain the success you imagined? What can you do today to attain that reality in the future?

Eating is exciting, enjoyable and necessary for our sustenance. Meal time gives us a multiple chances each day chance to join with others in a common ritual.   As you sit down for your next meal be grateful for every bite, the people you are sharing the meal with, the table where you are sitting, the hands that prepared the food, the hands that will clean he dirty dishes, and that realization there are many people who have much less than you to eat. 

Food Shopping is always something to be grateful for because we have the resources to obtain food, and the choice of what we are going to eat. The supermarket offers us a wide range of possibility and nutrition, while tempting us with convenient, ready to eat foods that are often high in sugar, salt, fat, chemicals and genetic additives. We can be grateful to have the option to obtain whole foods and craft great tasting meals, making enough to enjoy another day.

Faith – in yourself, in others and in the world around you is one definition of faith. Be grateful for those who have faith in you, and consider why others do not. Faith is confidence, belief in the future and internal encouragement. Faith in success drives us to succeed. You do not have to be embrace conventional, institutional religion to have faith, as Religion is a platform on which a history of the past, and a plan for present living, is presented.

Freedom – is ours today because there are so many people who fought long and hard to ensure that freedom existed before we were born. Freedom is something I am forever grateful for, and honor with my commitment to ensure our freedoms are not compromised by those who would have self-serving control of the global community. 

Fishing provides the possibility of excitement and good food, shared with good friends or family, and time to appreciate the beauty of the water in natural world. Those who love to fish know what I mean, and those who do not are missing an experience that has sustained life, provided enjoyment, and built relationships since the beginning of time.

Freedom of speech – A great number of people do not live in a world where we can say what we feel without fear. Man who do have this essential right are unsure, or lack confidence in how to exercise this right in their best, long term interests. Our words should have meaning for the seventh generation.

Family – can be supportive, loving, adoring, patient enduring, tolerant or not good. Be grateful that you have them because you all mean more t each other than you know, and the sum of your individuality and ability is greater than you self alone. Many people have little or no family they get along with, because they took their family for granted instead of cherished them as the treasure and potential they hold. Family can teach you about forgiveness and new beginnings. 

Fire – has mystified, protected, fed, sheltered and brought people together for millions of years. Without fire, people may not have evolved successfully. Fire creates a magical, inviting place to gather and dream as we stare into the dancing beauty of the flames.    

Food Banks – are important because they provide a means to share food with those most in need, remind us of how fortunate we are to be making a donation instead of looking for a meal today, and provide a place to go when  support is really needed from the community.

Friendships – are one of the greatest gifts that life has to offer. Cherish, support and stand with your true friends, being grateful that they are a part of your life. If you can count a true friend on each finger of your hands you are a very fortunate person.

Good conversations – fill you moments with wonder, your heart with laughter and open your mind to new ideas. 

Gardens – are special places to spend free time, looking at the perfection of nature. I feel a great sense of peace and connection when I spend time close to plants, and nature in general. Visiting a public garden is a great way to disconnect from the wired world, if you can leave your mobile device in your pocket. Vegetable and herb gardens provide a bountiful supply of the best tasting food available. Spending time planning, preparing, planting, growing and enjoying a personal garden is an annual experience that connects us to the rhythm and perfection of the natural world, while providing a tangible return for or investment of time and little money.

Hearing – is an experience to be grateful for. Just consider what it would be like to never hear music, laughter, the call of your name by a loved one or friend, the sound of wind, thunder, waves, rustling leaves, children, cats and dogs or any of the thousands of unique sounds that fill our world every day. 

Health – is a momentary state existence. Being grateful for good health is important because good health is not assured. Making active choices to live a healthy life style, consisting of a good diet, lots of water and daily exercise may increase the chances we may live a majority of our lives in good health.    

Hiking – allows me to return to the way things were long ago, and connect with the beauty, peace and perfection of nature. Walking through the woods provides an ever-changing panorama of natural beauty, camaraderie and great exercise. Every step immerses me in peace and perfection as I move along my path until I reach the goal. No matter where you live there is a trail waiting to be found, or in need of some dedicated maintenance.

Home – should give you a sense of pride. Be grateful for the home you have, taking time to invest in making your home a reflection of yourself and your dreams.  Many people suffer in places they do not enjoy. Be grateful if you are in a place you love, and be grateful you have the ability to move if you are not happy where you are. 

Hugs – change the chemistry of your body and mind for the better.

Happiness – (and your ability to create it) is a chosen state of mind, and an affirmative, inspiring choice. You have the ability to choose happiness and gratitude for yourself, creating it any way that does not harm others.

Imagination – is the first step to learning, and new knowledge. One has to imagine success to make it possible. Imagination is the foundation of fun, and great happiness. Some people let go of imagination as they grow older, yet it is something that can always bring great transformation. Be grateful that you can imagine anything you want, you may discover your only limitation is yourself and your commitment to your singular dream. . 

Instincts – help us navigate life, yet we often ignore those ‘feelings’ we get about certain people, places or things. Our mind and bodies are very perceptive of the world around us, even when our conscious mind is not. If you get a ‘feeling’ about something consider it carefully before moving forward. It may be your sub-conscious of trying to tell you something about something you, or something your ancestors have experienced before.

Invitations – provide us the expectation of being included in something special, the promise of meeting new people with whom we share a connection that has not been realized, and the affirmation that our presence is valued by our friends and colleagues.

Inspiration – is the recognition of greatness realized by others, leading us to experience hope, direction and   confidence. We can achieve greatness when we make the decision to excel and prioritize. 

Independence – is the ability you have to take care of yourself, choose for yourself, make good decisions, be an example to others and be the person you want to be.  

Judgmental people – teach us about ourselves and how we relate to others. They challenge us to be better people, teaching us about tolerance, patience, forgiveness, and strength. We rarely learn from people who always agree with us.

Kindness of strangers – is an affirming experience. When kindness happens to you, you know it.  When you extend kindness to someone else it may change their life. Always be aware of those around you. Be willing to offer a smile, a word of concern or a moment of assistance.  I have often stopped to ask a person if they need help, or are all right if they appear confused. I still stop for drivers who are outside their car looking for help. I used to stop for all disabled cars before cell phones, and have many happy memories of giving people rides, helping to fix a flat, jump a battery or making a phone call to help people out of a jam  Whenever somebody asks me for money I give  a quarter. It may not be much, but I think if everybody who walked by that person in need gave them a quarter the need would be cared for by the community. 

Knowledge – is a never ending journey to realizing a happy and fulfilled life. Respect the teachings of others and learn yourself as much as you can. You can never know too much about your specialty. The more you open your mind to learn, the greater experience life will become. If learning comes easily to you, be even more grateful. Some people struggle a great deal to learn even the simplest things because they have developmental disabilities, or do not apply the information they have experienced. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. If you want the future to change you have to make changes in the present. This is a tough lesson learned by specialists. 

Law – is there to keep you safe and enforce personal responsibility in society. 

Little things – like fresh flowers, sunrises, music in a public park, the smell of fresh baked bread or cookies, a tall glass of ice water on a hot day, hot chocolate on a cold day, moonlight walks, laughter of friends and the joy of children, The little things together make the memories that connect the most memorable moments of our lives.  

Laughter is the best medicine, and something that should be indulged in often. Be grateful you have reasons to laugh, people to laugh with, and the ability to laugh. Laughing is good for your heart and health. Laughing at ourselves makes us more of a person because we all have laughed at somebody else. 

Literacy – Reading opens doors of learning and pleasure as books can transport us throughout the universe of imagination and knowledge. There are many people, some you may know, that can’t read and write very well. Be grateful if you can read, and choose to travel with your mind into new realities.

Love – is a mystifying, complex, and transformative emotion. Your ability to love will let you grow as a person, just as an inability to love can prevent you from realizing your greatest potential. Love can lead to joy, new beginnings, self-actualization, compassion, and commitment Being willing to love makes life meaningful.  Love warms your heart with surges of good feelings I will not attempt to define. The decision to love builds relationships, reflects authenticity and is the foundation of lifelong friendships.

Memory – Without memory you would have nothing. Appreciate that your past is a big part of your identity, your happiness, and your life. It holds your thoughts, opinions, hopes, dreams, and remembrances of meaningful moments, fears and emotions within. Without those things you would be a walking shell of the person you are today. 

Mountains – loom larger than life, dominating the landscape with their sheer size and mystery. Mountains call us to explore and reach the summit, by driving or hiking, promising us the satisfaction of viewing a treasured panorama.

Modern medicine – is a gift that is taken for granted until we need it. Modern medicine saves lives every single day, and is advancing regularly to help save even more. Many countries don’t have access to these resources, so people suffer unnecessarily. Be grateful that you live in a place that allows you access doctors, hospitals and good food.   

Microwave Ovens – are amazing manipulators of molecules that allow us to have a hot meal or cup of coffee in seconds with no work except turning the plate. These amazing items now cost less than $50 and can be had at tag sales for $10. We can be grateful for such convenience and economy, always remembering never to reheat in plastic.

Music – soothes the soul, provides a background for our lies, evokes emotions and gives us something wonderful to share in common with others. Playing an instrument or singing can be an extraordinary pleasure of self-expression. Music enhances a mood, tells stories, teaches lessons, allows us to dance, or changes an emotion. It invokes memories, and creates new ones.

Musicians – share themselves with us, filling our ears and hearts with words and sounds that inspire us. Musicians create community, bringing joy to all that share the experience.


Opportunity – is rarely recognized before it manifests itself. Your ability to identify trends and see yourself in the future has a great deal to do with your ability to recognize a genuine opportunity. Realize that when lots of people are trying to get you to buy into an opportunity they may be seeking their enrichment more than your success. The pyramid of greed is supported by many people who never get off the ground floor. Opportunity exists in many variations, and may become more than you anticipated as you commit yourself to the transformation. Carefully consider your commitment and progress, as the right choice can bring you to new levels of success and personal satisfaction. When the opportunity begins to sour ask yourself why you came this far, and if you can slow down to reconsider your position.

Playgrounds give us a place to take our children when to invest endless hours swinging, sliding and having fun together. Playgrounds give us a place to meet other parents in our immediate community. Playgrounds give us a place to remember the fun we had as a child, or as a parent, and watch the promise of tomorrow.

Positive Mental Attitude – is your ability to see the sunshine behind the rain cloud. Positive Mental Attitude is a choice we make every day. We choose to start the day with high expectations, or approach the world with doubt and suspicion.  Our enthusiasm or despair will be evident to all we meet, and will contribute to the quality of experiences we have.   

Passion – feeds the heart, satisfies the soul, and wakes the mind, giving us the commitment and fortitude to press on with our dreams 

Past relationships – teach us about who we were, what we have become, what worked, what failed and about what we want to do differently, or the same in the future. By remembering what worked and what failed we can make adjustments so the next relationship is good for everyone. 

Pets – provide love, trust and companionship. Wild animals teach us about life and the cycle it takes. They show us strength in adversity, living in simplicity. When we think about our problems in the modern world, pausing a moment to consider the life of a bird or small, animal may provide a moment of perspective and insight. Consider the birds, they do not worry, everything is provided for them. They can find food, do not feel cold, and have the ability to fly to a new environment. They have the gifts of perspective and will. 

Relationships – are the connections we make with some people that run deep, surviving the test of time and adversity.  Relationships are built with trust and respect as we consider our effect on others as much as their effect on us. Be grateful for the chance you get to meet people and the meaning relationships bring to your life. 

Rivers offer a place to quietly relax and be one with the water. Whether you find yourself by a small stream, babbling brook, or large river, the passing water has enchanting qualities that provide a peaceful escape from wherever you were. Watching, hearing and feeling the active presence of the water is a timeless sensation that calls us back, again and again. Gazing over the water, watching the birds and being with nature is one of the most relaxing ways to spend a day.

Sunrises and Sunsets – allow us to ponder the transformative magic of time and nature in our lives as we see nature paint a unique masterpiece across the sky. As we see the colors develop and change in the daily display of beauty, we may think about how we change with time, and the possibilities of new beginnings.

Strengths – are gifts that we can be proud of, not ashamed or scared of. Use personal strengths to help yourself, and others when possible.  These gifts have a reason. Don’t be afraid to be the knowledgeable one, just don’t suggest others are inferior. 

Singing – can lift your spirits and relax your body as you find your voice and the confidence to share it with those around you. Group singing is becoming a lost form of entertainment and relationship building for people, as many individuals descend into virtual reality instead of seeking shared physical community entertainment.

Seasons – although we might complain when the temperatures drops low or rise high, the beauty of fresh fallen snow, the promise of springtime, the warm breezes of summer and the panoramic beauty on an Autumn in New England deliver experiences to be grateful for every day.

Space Stations – deliver the promise of exploration in unknown worlds, and a testament to our ability to achieve greatness when we work together. There is not much more amazing on the screen today than watching what’s happening right now in the international space station as it circles the earth every 90 minutes. To imagine living in space opens new possibility and calls us to wonder again, how big is the universe?

Self-expression – is the ability wear what you want, look as you wish, say what you think, publish your ideas, create art and do as you please, with respect for others. Many people living in repressive societies and communities, don’t have this freedom. 

Second chances – are often the gift of forgiveness. Many of us know that second chances are something to be grateful for. The opportunity and insight a second chance provides is a great gift we should be willing to provide to others when we can. 

Shelter – is another thing to be grateful for. It is an obvious one, but we often take for granted that many people throughout the world, and in our neighborhoods, don’t have this basic necessity. 

Swimming – is a fantastic skill that is fun and relaxing. Almost everybody has the ability to float and swim, though lack of belief and confidence often prevents non-swimmers from learning. Swimming is essential as it is something that can save lives, yours or somebody else’s. . 

Self-esteem – is the good feelings you hold about yourself and who you are.  Your Self Esteem will shield you from negative people who would like you to be less of the person you are. Some people have given up on their ability and expectations for a meaningful, joyous life, and now want to bring you down to suffer with them in hopelessness and despair.  Nobody can make you feel bad except yourself when you believe people who would want to hurt you. Appreciate, honor and never doubt the person you have become, and who you are working to be. 

Students – remind me how important learning is to the future of our world, and to each individual in society. When I pass a school and see groups of people moving together with a common goal of self-improvement and attainment of knowledge I feel a sense of hope and gratitude for their commitment. Being a student remains one of the most enjoyable and productive investments of time one can make, since education opens the doors to new opportunity, understanding and relationships.

Teachers – spend their lives teaching others. Teachers are often underappreciated, yet are significant people in our young lives. Be grateful that your teachers invested their time to work with, teach, and care about you. Many people teach us many things, some by doing well, and some by being indifferent.  

Time – is precious in a busy world. We all have the same 168 hours per week. Enjoy what you do every day and make good choices with your time. If you work a regular job you probably spend 40 hours each week working, 8 hours each week commuting, 56 hours a week sleeping, 7 hours a week in the bathroom, 12 hours a week eating and preparing meals. This leaves you 35 hours a week to do what you like. Make good choices with your time so when you look back at your life you will enjoy it twice as much in your memories.

Talents – are to be recognized by your creation of new value, improved by your commitment to excellence in your chosen endeavor, utilized to let you make a successful, meaningful way in the world, taught so they endure, and enjoyed, because you can. 

Temples offer a visible testament to the power, and mystery of religion, providing a place for people who seek to meet. People are drawn to temples to reflect, learn, find hope, seek direction and immerse themselves in a community of family, faith and friends. The service begins when we leave the temple.

The Outside World –is only a short walk or drive away.  Make time to re-appreciate the world around you. The earth, and man-made architecture is an amazing thing, full of life and awe. Connect with the world and ponder its raw beauty. Nature has a healing power like no other, enjoy this treasure, and of course, do what you can to keep it beautiful. 

Technology – is something to be grateful, yet cautious about because it has drastically changed the world. Technology helps to connect us to those we may not have known otherwise, offers opportunity we may have never found before, while also creating environmental effects and reduction of jobs through automation. Technology must be used to wisely.    

Weaknesses – only make you weak if you allow them too. No one can be good at everything. Discover your weaknesses and use them to let them challenge you to work harder, or urge you to ask others for help.  

Wealth -is realized by looking around us at all the resources at or disposal. We all have a wealth of intelligence, compassion, potential, possessions, friends, opportunities, experiences and sometimes, even money.  

Walking– is a great feeling when your legs carry you all the places you want to go. You have a freedom that others have lost. Be grateful if you have that ability. 

Water – comprises 65% of our body and allows us to filter impurities and maintain health, yet millions of people live without easy, consistent access to this necessity. Be grateful if you have fresh water available today, and think about how you can help somebody who does not. A good rule is drinking half an ounce of water for every pound of body weight per day.

Volunteering in the community is a great way to make a difference and meet likeminded people. Weather you choose to read to children, help high school students with homework, be a coach or group leader, plant a flower, care for a community garden, help at a soup kitchen, visit people who cannot leave their homes, give socks to homeless people,  serve on a committee, pick up litter, you will make a difference.  Any activity that allows you to give of yourself without compensation, will allow you to know the feelings of altruism and community service in a special network of likeminded people.

Values –  are instilled by your parents and mentors , Be grateful that people cared so much about you, and worked raise you to be a good person with a strong set of values. Live your life by this code of honor. Integrate family values in everyday life so you can be an example to others and a testament to your parents. 

Vision – is our ability to see the world around you and the people you love. With or without glasses vision is an amazing experience we all take for granted, and one that can now be improved with lasers. 

Zoos – are wonderful places to walk around, for an hour, a day or many days. Spending time appreciating the immense variety and beauty of nature helps me remember what a wonderful, mysterious Earth we have to call home. Animals have been here longer than man, and survived with much less, doing little harm to the environment. Taking time to understand the eco-systems of our planet helps us understand how we are all connected each other in ways we may not yet understand. 

Right Now –is like no other time in your life

You have never known or experienced more than you have right now. You understand, and have the ability to leverage your abilities and your dreams better than ever before. You have formed trusted relationships, currently surrounding yourself with the best quality assembly of people you have ever known. Your decisions about tomorrow will effect what happens in the future. Make right now the time you decide how your dreams will be realized.  

Despite all the challenges we endure every day, there is always the opportunity to consider things and experiences we are grateful for. We can choose hope, faith, connection and a positive mental attitude over apathy and despair. Our example will be an inspiration to others, and possibly bring other like-minded persons into our life experience. 

Every moment we arrive at intersections of choice and interpretation. Seeking the silver lining in challenge allows us to see a brighter future while healing from past struggle. 

 Gratitude – Attitude -Altitude – Latitude

1) Gratitude creates our Attitude, we either see the good in our life experience and are grateful, or find meaning in despair, failure and regret. Choosing to identify experiences, people and resources to be Grateful for has been an essential ingredient of happiness and hope throughout life. Every morning we can start being grateful for the possibility of the new day. Begin to realize all the things you can choose to be grateful for.  

2) Attitude creates our Altitude…Attitude is how we perceive and react to the moment, and people we share our life with. Is our attitude full of possibility or fear? Gratitude or entitlement?

3) Altitude of determines your Latitude. Altitude is how much energy you have, and how far you rise to the occasion at hand. Do you live at a high, exciting, engaging altitude of experience, seeking meaningful, interactive experiences, or do you exist in a low, boring repetitive place. Are you confident of your ability to embrace new challenges or do you live in fear of failure? Do you believe you can, or you can’t?

4)  Latitude determines your range of Effect.  Is your perception of life’s potential low and narrow, or high and broad? The more you see the more you can choose to experience. The more altitude you attain, supported by your attitude of gratitude, the greater Latitude of effect you may achieve. The more you reach out and connect, supported by your attitude of gratitude, the more connections you will make. As the connections grow, a significant investment of your personal energy will be required.    

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  5. e) Have studied and embraced Positive Mental Attitude and faith as personal beacons in my life path, and in my Masters Level Family Systems Education .
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