Full-Time Connecticut Licensed Buyer’s Agent

Since 1996, I have been a Full time REALTOR®, providing people State Licensed Buyer Agent Representation, enhanced by over 22 years experience, the Berkshire Hathaway organization, and my unwavering commitment to you. I work full-time to assure your success in the Greater New Haven real estate market. I have been a member of the GNHAR Professional Standards Commission since 2002, and proudly hold a Professional Standards Certified Specialist Certification.
As Your Strategic Partner in the CT Real Estate Market, you will benefit from my  closed transaction experience. Most agents show you property and complete transactions. I work to understand you goals, your dreams and enhance your ability to succeed. I will learn what you want, and what you want to avoid. I will speak up in your interest, not just show up to close a deal.

Here are the listings that match the search criteria we designed together:
As your Licensed Buyer Agent I will commit to a fiduciary relationship to:
a) Represent your best interests at all times.
b) Keep your financial and negotiating positions confidential.
c) Help you buy the best home at the best comparable price. Your offer to purchase will be supported by my essential market value analysis.
d) Help you complete and negotiate the home inspection with required notifications.
e) Update you on all NEW MLS properties available, regardless of seller.
f) Arrange  showings so you don’t have to converse with agents trying to sell you.
g) Help you complete Sales Agreements and associated documents to manage your transaction seamlessly. The terms we propose will be unique to your situation and will support your best interests.

I seek important, public information to share with my clients that I cite from a variety of professional news services, supporting my seventeen years of expertise on market value and conditions. Real estate markets are traditionally defined as seasonal for those actively in the market, and annual for non-participants. Markets are also defined by location, price and property style.
In 2Q2016 all Connecticut metros were ranked  in the bottom 5% nationally for under appreciation.

I know you are weighing many of factors at this time including your long term goals, future plans, return on investment and the future direction of property values in Connecticut. In the long term price will rise because of inflation, a superior quality of life in Connecticut, preferable climate, shorelines and natural resources, leveraged values, higher taxes in New York and New Jersey, and the demand for quality New England communities.
If you have questions about this real estate market and your options I look forward to talking or meeting soon. I continue to specialize in Greater New Haven residential and investment properties. I am not the person who calls all the time to sell you a house, I am the person who shares information with you, explores your concerns and walks with you, as a partner and confidant, toward your goal.

You should understand the different roles real estate agents play, and whom they represent. Connecticut enacted Buyer Agency law in 1997 to protect purchasers of real property. This law change attracted me to the profession. There is no cost to you for me to be your Licensed Buyer Agent as my fee is paid by the seller.

I expect that you are not working with any other buyer agents at the same time, and that you acknowledge our agreement to work together. You will be pre-approved for a mortgage to fully understand the options available to you. Pre-approval is free, and easy to for a qualified person to complete.

Call my direct line (203) six two seven 4213 , text, or use the contact me page at https://davidcarr.bhhsneproperties.com  to get started planning your next move.

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