Why you need a Connecticut Licensed Real Estate Fiduciary

As a Licensed Real Estate Fiduciary I like to help people to take action that benefits them, and others, which is why I became a REALTOR in 1996. Before that I graduated college, worked in youth & family counseling, and manufactured food.
To radiate out is better than rising above because as I empower more people to achieve, then radiate their dreams and objectives, their success empowers them, and those around them at the same time, creating a resonance of confidence and purpose. We can all choose to push up people before ourselves, especially if doing so helps everybody.

As a Licensed Fiduciary Real Estate Agent, I always think about the best practice and outcome for each client family. I do not care if I make less money if a buyer chooses a home that is financially better suited for them, or if a seller netsĀ  less because they chose to sell faster.

The highest and best outcome at the moment of action is always my goal, something that can not be determined when a relationship begins, since we can not judge the future. I can control what an objective buyer or seller thinks by presenting accurate, honest information, supported by creative perspectives and previously unconsidered property utilization.

An example may be a home seller with a vintage property that needs interior renovation. My experience with energy efficiency may help this person recognize the value of removing old walls and completely upgrading insulation and electric systems to make the vintage house inside new. My affiliation with the best property marketing team in real estate gives my seller a better presentation in more places, drawing the most qualified buyers.

A buyer who can not find the right house may consider a multifamily in a different neighborhood to increase their yearly income and tax shelter positions. There are to many scenarios to list, but you get the idea.

As a fish in the stream, life takes me through time, so I search for and recognize shelter and opportunity, being a Samaritan in the journey. I believe in intersections. Some offer opportunity for good or bad, others for reaching out or ignoring, others for teaching or condemning, but all for learning and personal growth, if we are mindful of the moment. My purpose is to help others in each intersection.

In life there is a choice of commitment to things or people in vocation, I chose people and experience, earning things as I went on my path of empowerment and pushing up people. I have emerged as a committed fiduciary, husband and dad, putting the interests of other people before mine, but not neglecting my need to succeed. My talent is my freedom to move into the future with the knowledge, love and confidence I have developed.
I share what I have learned as it’s timely to do so, never knowing what a moment with another may mean to them since our intersection is an opportunity of growth and learning in each others path of experience, just like this moment of my sharing I have created with you.

David Carr, MA, PSCS

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