Gratitude – Attitude – Altitude – Latitude

Gratitude – Attitude -Altitude – Latitude

May you find meaning, strength and hope in many of these centers while you explore other dimensions of your life experience.

Right Now is like no other time in your life. You have never known or experienced more than you have right now. You understand, and have the ability to leverage your abilities and your dreams better than ever before. You have formed trusted relationships, currently surrounding yourself with the best quality assembly of people you have ever known. Your decisions about tomorrow will effect what happens in the future. Make right now the time you decide how your dreams will be realized.  
Gratitude – Attitude -Altitude – Latitude – The synergy of life force organization.
1) Gratitude creates our Attitude, We either see the good in our life experience and are grateful, or find meaning in despair, failure and regret. Choosing to identify experiences, people and resources to be Grateful for has been an essential ingredient of happiness and hope throughout life. Every morning we can start being grateful for the possibility of the new day and the wealth of experience we have in our personal lives.

Gratitude is a constant lens through which we choose to see our life experience. When we wake up we can be grateful for a restful sleep, or grateful for the awareness that something has disturbed our sleep. Our ability to be grateful allows us to consciously affirm what is good, and be personally responsible for what can be improved can be improved.

After we wake up we can be grateful that we had a place to rest, and are able to rise to meet the day. If you are not able to rise to meet the day you can be grateful you have woken from your sleep. Choosing to be grateful is an active choice at all daily decision points. After you rise you may move to the bathroom where you can be grateful for electricity, running water and indoor plumbing, as some people wake up in tents and walk to portable toilets.

I will not begin to detail all the dimensions of experience we can choose to be grateful for at this time, however you may begin to see where I am going with this. I am grateful to have a keyboard attached to my computer that allows me to form these thoughts into words that I can share with you.  I am grateful for an internet connection and publisher to deliver my thoughts to your eyes and mind.   

2) Attitude creates our Altitude…Attitude is how we perceive and react to the moment, and people we share our life with. Is our attitude full of possibility or fear? Does our attitude call us to help others or dismiss their problems? Do we see problems and challenges as opportunities for learning and personal growth, or immoveable blocks to our personal plans? Do we experience delays in our plans and travel as sources of anger and frustration, or do we accept our ever looming lack of control over everything? Do we use unplanned time to review everything and affirm all that is going well and our accomplishments, or do we beat ourselves down, again and again over failures and frustrations? 

One we take time to honestly inventory and evaluate our attitudes, we begin to see the face we present to those around us, even though we may believe today we are a different.  Recognizing you attitude can be accomplished by being attuned to your feelings about life situations as they occur.

Are you afraid of being late because of an unexpected traffic delay? Or do you know that you have done everything in your control to be stuck in traffic at that exact time? Are you angry about the delay, or do you find yourself hoping the delay is not caused by an accident, and find yourself hoping nobody has experienced injury. 

3) Altitude of determines your Latitude. Altitude is how much energy you have, and how far you rise to the occasion at hand. Do you live at a high, exciting, engaging altitude of experience, seeking meaningful, interactive experiences, or do you exist in a low, boring repetitive place. As we have more confidence in our abilities we are likely to engage greater challenges that offer greater rewards and possible larger risk of failure.

Anyone who has climbed a mountain, or stood on a skyscraper observation deck has experienced the energy, effort and time it takes to arrive at a greater altitude, and the perspective that comes with this commitment. Attaining the new, higher altitude requires us to leave the security of the ground, or our established life and ways of thinking behind, if only for a short time. 

We may find ourselves willing to take a longer horizon of return on our work instead of expecting a quick reward. We may be willing to encounter more negativity and obstructions on the way to success of our goal.

Think about a musician, an artist, on inventor, a scientist or a writer. Any of these people may experience a variety of setbacks, delays, rejections and objections to their proposed works or contributions. These objections may come from people or groups who will not benefit from the new idea or way of doing things.

The dream stealers are always here, working to keep your altitude low. The ice man was not a big fan of refrigerators.  Horse traders were not big supporters of automobiles, and manufacturers of printing ink and paper are not big  supporters of going paperless. Electric transmission companies are no big supporters of alternative energy micro-grids as fossil fuel companies are not big supporters of electric vehicles.

Achieving a higher altitude increases your Latitude of effect. The more you see the more you can choose to experience.

4) Latitude determines your range of Effect.  The more altitude you attain, supported by your attitude of gratitude, the greater Latitude of effect you may achieve. The more you present, project and connect, the more connections you will make. As the awareness of your creativity grows, so will the shared power enthusiasm. The exponential growth of an idea is currently called viral since idea sharing happens very fast when individuals use social networks.

People tell people what they find meaningful and helpful, because people care about people, especially when it does not cost them anything to do so. Now, more than, there is a greater opportunity for thoughts and ideas to be shared with the world in a fast, efficient and undiluted manner due to internet technology.

Despite all the challenges we endure every day, there is always the opportunity to consider situations, positions, perspectives and experiences we are grateful for.

We can choose to view today from a position of hope, faith, connection and a positive mental attitude over apathy and despair. Our example, whether good or bad, positive or negative, hopeful of hopeless, will be an inspiration to others, and possibly bring other like-minded persons into our life experience. 

Every moment we arrive at intersections of choice and interpretation. Seeking the silver lining in opportunity or adversity allows us to realize a brighter future while healing from past struggle. 


Gratitude – Attitude -Altitude – Latitude


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