How To Choose the Right Home in Connecticut

How To Choose The Right Home in Connecticut

When you employ me, David Carr, as your Fiduciary Buyer Agent we will develop a partnership of of dreams and my experience. As a home buying team our goal is to find the best value for you in this Connecticut market.

What is important to you?

Neighborhood? Privacy? Sidewalks? Recreation? Schools? Shopping? Recreation? Commuting? Mass Transit? Worship? Land size? View?  Trees? Garden space? Swimming pool? Tennis? Golf? Boating?  Home Style?  Interior Size? Curb Appeal? Roof style? Stairs? Contemporary or Traditional style? Family Rooms? Open Floor Plan? Wood Floors? Fireplace?  Efficency? Kitchen size? Bathrooms? Bedrooms? Library? Studio?  Office? Exercise?  Workshop? Garages? All of the Above?

While these may seem like many, or a few of your considerations, I want to know your dreams.  The home we choose will be the place you will make memories and build your life. The location you choose may be most important, because you can renovate everything in a home, over time, but you can not move the house..

The home we chose will be a place you will leave and return to every day, finding peace and connection in the world.

The home we choose will be many things to you, and help define who you are.

I, David Carr, will succeed when I know who you are, and how you dream of living.

Start living the dream today; tell me. Let me make you an expert in your market.

The Foundation of your Success in Real Estate since 1996.

All the Experience, All the Resources, All the Commitment, All the Time

You Demand Local Expertise from a native of Southern Connecticut.

You want a REALTOR who is tech savvy, able to deliver relevant, hot information, in a responsive format that makes sense, providing insight and direction.

You need a REALTOR who knows how to draft a contract that represents your interests, while respecting the needs of the seller, and who can make your offer heard above others.

You need a guide who will provide the experience you expect without the useless filler, keeping you one step ahead of the competition, so you are well positioned when the time is right.

You want a REALTOR who will make you an expert in your market.

You Need to call  David Carr

You want a REALTOR with the experience to answer your questions before they arise, putting your fears to rest with the assurance of thoughtful options and deliberate action.

You want a REALTOR with the experience to estimate how much can you afford, and what the advantages of buying are compared to renting.

You want a REALTOR with multiple-offer experience to suggest how much to offer.

You need a REALTOR who knows how to negotiate, bridging the gap at the end.

You want a REALTOR with property disclosure, home inspection and renovation experience.

You want a REALTOR who can help you identify the best loan product, and teach you how to calculate your closing costs.

You want a REALTOR who understands market positioning, who creates compelling visual text presentations that enhance the strengths of your property; an agent who positions your property in the most popular virtual markets with value added enhancements to increase buyer awareness.

David Carr is a REALTOR, an individual who embodies Professional Standards of transparency and integrity as defined in our Code of Ethics and Standards

When Buying or Selling, 

David Carr  the Foundation of your Success in real estate,

Licensed CT REALTOR  since 1997. 203-627-4213

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