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My name is David Carr, 


Since 1996 I have worked with people, supporting and  understanding all aspects of your next real estate transaction.

This, My personal portal was last updated by me on March 18, 2019.  I constructed and maintain this site in an easy read text version, in hopes that you will scroll down to the bottom of each page. Explore the links, as there are over 100 in the site, all organized by topic from this home page. I believe by paying relationships forward, I demonstrate my expertise, experience, and commitment to your success. You have found a Geater New Haven Milford Metro Connecticut REALTOR who delivers honesty, integrity and commitment to excelence every day. I’d like to say I am the best, yet everybody says that, so I’ll stand on my experience and honor.

I do not advertise, I only author original material, creating relevant content for the real estate community on social media and other platforms, to  maintain an organic business model.

I work on referral and support some organizations with recognized donations. 

I never buy awards, which are  employed frequently by my competition to create an image of success. 

You can also find me on Facebook as David Carr New Haven Connecticut Real Estate Agent @davidcarrrealestate.   

I’m on  on Twitter at @ctrealdavecarr 

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or in keyword searches including “David Carr Connecticut Real Estate CT” . I am glad you are here. Make today fun and meaningful to build tomorrow’s memories.

In today’s world, everyone has direct access to big data sources, making discernment and connection to dependable people a key to success.

My promise when we work together is to enhance your position and support your goals. I will use my experience since 1996 to add perspective and possibilities to your position. By sharing neighborhood and property specific market value information, I will expand your data resources, sharing a variety of market specific interpretations for your consideration. I hope to understand how you feel about layout, flow, design, privacy, land, set-backs from neighbors, mechanicals, energy efficiency, schools, community, commuting, shopping recreation and a multitude of other personal wishes that will allow me to help you recognize your dream home.

My experience suggesting value supported by comparable adjustments will provide solid ground for realistic price definition. I can focus on the property you choose with objective eyes that have seen a wide range of values, locations, conditions and potential. I visualize renovation and improvements that may increase the value and best use of any land or real property in ways you may not have considered. You can change everything except the location of your property.

My vision statement for the real estate business to help people make good decisions in a difficult environment. My property and transaction specific interpretation helps my clients achieve desired outcomes by providing experienced guidance through a complex maze of variables. I realize there are multiple places in a typical home buyers  experience the stress of unknown outcomes. When you express your concerns or question, I will invest the time necessary to deliver a clear understanding of the situation, then provide a specific plan of action to meet your needs.

When you look back on our work together I want you to be happy. I keep in touch with my past clients throughout the year by mailing recipe calendars and market data reports. Everybody keeps in touch, some when they move out of my area.

Providing options instead of limitations to your resources is one of my key service delivery goals. By helping you know more, our partnership allows you to optimize your search and resources to make the best value decision for you, and your family or partner at this time.

Whether you dream of beaches, mountains, new subdivisions, established New England main streets, neighborhoods, classic Victorian estates, forests, fields, condos, multi-family or commercial business space, I can support and advise you with my dedicated team of legal, financial and property evaluation professionals.

The Multiple Values of a Home are more than the market value. Consider the happiness, recreational, educational, relationship, neighborhood, memory building, serenity values, and more, when considering what your home may be worth.

When we look at 1997 thru 2015 Historical Home Prices in the Greater New Haven – Milford area we see a house purchased in 1Q1997 for $200.000 has appreciated 80% to now be worth $382,507 at the end of 4Q2018. Imagine if you paid rent for the last twenty years, would would have a security deposit while you may have paid off your mortgage early by adding two extra principle only payments per year.

An average $200,000 single family homes purchased in 1Q2010 is work  worth  $202,086 when we look at the FHFA HPI Calculator 

I have identified a channel of price stability since March 2012 in our New Haven Milford Metro, and seen new Connecticut foreclosure activity decline in 2014. This Value Shelf  has been maintained through 2Q2016, continuing into 2019 as CT residential real estate  has not significantly changed in value since 2012, despite increased transactions since 4Q2015.

1997-2014 Historical Home Prices for New Haven Milford CT Metro  

Sustainable, Environmentally Responsible Home Improvements that you can easily implement in your existing home.

Environmental Stewardship and Action Guide For Connecticut with descriptions of many interesting places. Learn, meet and engage with active Green Living people.

New Haven Surrounding Towns and School Information.

New Haven MetroMarket Evaluation Graph  You may benifit from a detailed  review of  inventory absorption, square foot values and interpretative factors in the Range Specific Micro Market Report. For your  Neighborhood Price Specific report just call or connect. I educate and advocate in anticipation of future relationships. My goal is to help you review relevant information to support an informed decision at the time and location best suited to fulfill your needs and goals.

Active and Sold Property Comparison My historical, one year comparison of available residential inventory to closed transactions in  a Range Specific  Market Evaluation . My goal is to help you review relevant information to support an informed decision at the time and location best suited to fulfill your needs and goals.

New Haven Metro Multi Family Market Evaluation My experience with investors will help you successfully identify, attain and maintain your investment over time.  We will consider Cap rates, occupancy, depreciation, current inventory absorption and other factors that determine a successful investment.

A home for me New Haven Metro Multi

Obtain your free market evaluation in the town and property specific price range that you are considering. I will help you interpret what historic data and current conditions may mean when we work together.

All New Haven County towns traffic information can be found here for Hamden, North Haven, Wallingford, Cheshire, North Branford, Branford, Guilford, Madison,  Orange, Bethany, Woodbridge, West Haven, Milford, Derby, Ansonia, Seymour, Naugatuck.

Buyers Do Better with Licensed Buyer Representation. I will be the one licensed professional with a defined fiduciary responsibility to you, not the seller, helping you obtain the exact home or investment you want, at the best comparable market price. My experience will be will be your advantage!

Sell your current home for the most money before you move. I will personally market your property, efficiently and honestly, investing money to position your house in the most popular websites, to the greatest number of qualified buyers. I will utilize the best virtual marketing technology to bring the highest net proceeds when you sell. What you receive at closing is most important. My experience with transaction management negotiation will benefit your greatly. Any agent can list your home. See why the best value in marketing your home for sale is found with David Carr.

Lender Owned Asset Management Information 

Foreclosure prevention information to help you make a wise decision in a difficult time. You have options that will help you regain hope and security.

REO Network and David Carr provide you with the Truly Exceptional Personal Service you expect. Get more depth, quality service and support, enhanced with my with local connections. I are about you concerns, and will be there when the unexpected occurs.

Learn about mortgages – who will help you. Know the difference between the best loan and the best rate.

How To Choose The Right Home in Connecticut  To find the ideal home, I need to know who you are, and how you envision your future life.

Walk through the process of actually buying your home.  Read this step by step timeline of the process for I have written for you.

Is Now the Time to Buy? Consider 2019 to be a unique time if you are planning to buy a home.

Demand Pockets have developed in specific local markets, fueled by (a) historic low 30 year mortgage rates, (b) increasing rental costs, (c) pent up quality of life demand  from the Great Recession, (d) increasing awareness of the long term values of leveraged investing, (e) increasing consumer confidence and, (f) a developing Real Property Value Shelf. This Value Shelf was established and validated in Connecticut with two and a half years of transactions  of displaying comparable market value since 2012.

“Demand Pocket” (Copyright 3.7.2015 David Carr) is a geographical niche in real property values, appreciation, perceived development value, or preservation value.

“Value Shelf” (Copyright 3.7.2015 David Carr) is a period of time where an inventory and supply of comparably valued real property is established; i.e. Connecticut 1991-1997; i.e. Connecticut 2Q2012 thru 1Q2016. A Value Shelf is different from a bottom, or low, as a Value Shelf is sustained and developed over time.

Another credible, yet now historic data source, the January 2015 Core Logic House Price Index, confirms the development of the Value Shelf. When we exclude foreclosed and short sales, we see a one year CT-CLHPI value increase of 0.2% statewide. The increase, although small, has strengthened over the past three months, recovering from a 90 day decline of 0.7%, and closing January with a respectable 1.4% increase. Values are not as strong when we  include distressed properties on our data set  We then observe a -1.9% decline for 2014, leaving  Connecticut 24.8% below July 2006 peak values.

David Carr’s FHFA and CLHPI Connecticut House Price Observations are based on principles of support, resistance and channel recognition of value. Many factors affect real estate value, including, but not limited to employment, community stability, quality of life, proximity to goods and services, educational resources, recreational resources, money supply, credit, perception of future value, owner demand, owner financial resources, seller motivation, inventory and lender equity valuation.

David Carr’s Nov 30, 2015 FHFA House Price Observations are based on principles of support, resistance and channel definition of value.

The Reasons to Buy Real Estate over time do not change. Consider these questions and ideas about value and selection of property.

Good Friday Reenactment

Money Saving Tips for everyday things you buy.

Current Consumer Recall Alerts can protect you and your family

Current Mortgage Rate Lines

These sites and information have been selected and/or written by myself, David Carr, for you. I stand behind my work with a commitment to integrity, honesty and professionalism.

When you decide to work with me, I consider that an honor and trust which I will uphold.

Your referrals are the highest compliment you can give.

My goal is to understand your dreams and personal expectations for your new home, then help you locate and purchase the best real property available in the current market.

By giving you the best service and commitment available, before and after the closing, I know you will refer future business to me. Everyone I work with, I hope to see again. When I do, this a time of remembering the last job, well done, as we enjoy the day and look to the future together.

I will make your new home search or marketing and sale of your existing property an enjoyable and productive one that will be the bedrock of a long, productive relationship. When somebody asks you, “Whom should I call to be my Connecticut REALTOR?” my goal is for you to think of me. I will be here to help you in any way possible throughout your residency in Connecticut.

It is my promise to treat you the way you expect, by promptly returning your calls, setting appointments, pre-screening listings, providing you with current, accurate market data, and most importantly, working with you after your offer is accepted. Maybe you will want advice on a home improvement, or the name of a reliable professional to help solve a problem. I will help you whenever I can.

Anyone can show you houses or put your property on the internet. You want a my full time, local, professional experience, backed by the worldwide expertise of HomeServices of America, Inc. is the second largest independent residential real estate brokerage firm in the United States and an affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway to help you understand, and navigate the unique issue that arise when you buy or sell a piece of property. I have decided that real estate is a lot like a baseball game. The rules are the same, the players may be the same, but every game is different for reasons unknown at the beginning.

I could make a 10% gift to your Favorite Nonprofit after your closing.

Consider 70 Ways to Make Difference in your neighborhood community.

Consider 99 Things to be Grateful For, as we embrace each day with an attitude of gratitude.

Consider a Daily Monk Mode   Would the quality of your life, relationships, and personal productivity go up, and your stress go down, if you had more uninterrupted, peaceful time and space to really reflect, plan, strategize and organize new ideas and solutions?

Gratitude – Attitude -Altitude – Latitude – The synergy of attitude construction.

David Carr

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