David Carr Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices REALTOR can support your group with patron advertising

When you are buying or selling real property in Connecticut, or anywhere in the world, I, David Carr want to support your favorite nonprofit community organization with patron advertising . When you, or somebody you know is ready to buy or sell real estate, HERE is an opportunity for you to designate a meaningful gift.

10% of my net professional fee (paid to me at closing and passing of title) can be paid to the organization of your choice in exchange for advertising of your choice.  Mention this opportunity when we are initially introduced via messaging or in a phone call.

Youth sport teams, schools, colleges, community organizations, animal rights, environmental defense, political action and houses of worship usually qualify when they provide mediums for advertising through booster books, programs, posters, banners, television, radio or web based media.

When you sell a $200,000, property employing me to deliver seamless relationship management and top block marketing, expect about $235, while a $2,000,000 transaction generates advertising valued around $2400.

When you buy a $400,000, property  employing me to deliver Exclusive Buyer Broker representation as your fiduciary partner in your acquisition, I will provide about  $475, while a $3,000,000 transaction generates advertising valued around  $3600.

For Out of State transactions I will utilize our international referral service to locate an experienced Berkshire Hathaway Home Services professional.  My personal compensation will be less, so a smaller advertising budget will follow . We all know how every dollar matters when helping people and organizations make our world better

It’s really that easy! I’m David Carr, Connecticut REALTOR since 1996.  I really like meeting and helping people while supporting groups making a difference in our greater community. Call or text 203- 627-4213 to move ahead.

I, Dave, offer this opportunity to recognized community service  groups as an organizational development and fundraising opportunity, because I believe in doing well by doing good is the best.   I can provide your group with personalized text inserts or pdf copy to distribute to your membership and supporters.

I, David Carr, exclusively represent the interests of real estate clients, providing state licensed  transaction and relationship management for purchases or sale of real property in Connecticut.

My business plan is to grow my network of satisfied clients who have trusted me to  expedite over $38M  of closed transaction volume in Greater New Haven, Connecticut since 1997 .  I do well by doing good,  while offering to support community development organizations that are making a difference in our world, locally or around the globe.

This is another way you get and give more value by working with your Relationship  Focused REALTOR David Carr , and my broker Berkshire Hathaway Home Services New England.

You must mention this option when you are first introduced and meet,  A referring organization may provide me the confidential contact information of a person who they feel can benefit from working with me as a well, then I will tell your person who introduced us, and why. You must name the designated Non Profit (to be determined) as a part of the original executed buyer broker,  listing or referral agreement to fully qualify.  David Carr’s 10% advertising patronage  will be made to your recognized organization within 30 days after the closing of the transaction, fee collection, and passing of title.

Call 203-627-4213 to move ahead.

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