Good Friday Reenactment

On Good Friday, April 22, 2011, March 29, 2013 I chose to create a living reenactment of Simon of Cyrene and Jesus’ walk to his crucifixion at Golgotha. I believe the messages that Jesus offered to humanity over 2050 years ago is vital and meaningful to my life and our global community today. 

Jesus walked through the streets of the city with Simon carrying the cross he was too weak to bear. Past the crowds of people, some who were cheering, and many who were staring in disbelief. It was a crucifixion day like many others in those times except that day there were more people following the path of the accused. They had heard the message and seen the miracles. Something bigger was happening then, but they did not understand this yet. 

Bigger things are happening in our world today. 

Many of these people who came out may have been cautious of being involved. Many more stayed away. Followers of Jesus were putting their lives in danger by identifying publicly with such a controversial person who challenged the world order as it was understood in the days of the Roman Empire. 

Challenging the establishment with ideas of acceptance, equality, forgiveness, human dignity, personal freedom and quality of life improvement for all was a dangerous proposal in those days. 

 I have discovered that these historical writings hold many meaningful messages for our modern wired world. The work that Jesus did as a teacher and counselor through his words and the actions in his life in his day, have meaning to me today. 

The teaching and life of Jesus is revealed and understood when I read the Four Books of the Gospel, the New Testament books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, 

 I I have also enjoyed reading the Book of Proverbs, where we can read the proverbial wisdom of King Solomon. 

The messages and examples Jesus and King Solomon left us to consider are clear to me. I have a choice to make, just like every person who has the opportunity learn about the life of Jesus. 

I can choose to make the right choices when they are presented to me as I live in my community of the world around me. To work for the betterment of my world and the improvement of the conditions that affect struggling people in my community.  

As I live my life I find direction and strength in times of decision by understanding the messages that Jesus provided. I have hope and faith in the world community. A place that exists today and a place that will become the future. 

Our community is growing. I seek to be more connected and aware of these, and other opportunities for social action and positive change in our world:  

1) Adults and Children struggling with hunger, debt, lack of opportunity, lack of education, lack of clean water and clean air, here in the USA and beyond. 

2) People struggling with lack of physical and financial security in their homes, lives and communities across the world due to personal and political ambitions here in the United States and beyond. 

3) People who have not received the benefits of medical progress because of delivery costs here in the United States and beyond. 

4) People burdened with the costs of war and crime that take money away from the betterment of life as we know it, here in the United States and beyond. 

5) People who live in a world community that needs a sustainable energy, food and a global life preservation plan that promises children at least another 2000 years of opportunity and growth for all mankind. 

6) People who do not have the personal freedoms of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness because of where they were born, and the decisions of their leaders. 

We do not own the earth, we borrow it from our children. As a sustainable community we must make decisions that will be looked upon with gratitude by the seventh generation from today.

This reenactment action is an expression of my life philosophy and personal compass.

My personal business website is offered and used as a platform from which I may share my dreams and ideals of a stronger, sustainable and connected community.

A community that exists here in my neighborhood and across the lands we share as a common people. A community connected by technology and dreams for a better tomorrow, guided by the faith and wisdom of those who came before us.