Sell Your Property for the Greatest Net Proceeds

I, David Carr, make a personal financial investment in the marketing of your property, by purchasing internet listing enhancement packages on the most dominant real estate portals and websites.

Your property will be seen more on multiple real estate websites and portals supported by, Yahoo Real Estate, Zillow, Trulia, AOL, MSN Real Estate, HotPads, FrontDoor, Homes, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. My additional enhancement of  your property presentation, provides more exposure to more interested, and qualified buyers.

Selling your property successfully means creating a realistic and fair presentation which an informed buyer will find irresistible, while highlighting the unique attributes of your home that makes it unique. I will help to show prospective buyers what you have learned to love about living here.

If you want to FSBO “sell it your self” remember you will participate in a secondary market that is perceived as undervalued. You may still pay a buyers agent (through a lower offer since buyer agents may have pre-existing, confidential agreements with “your buyer” about For Sale By Owners). You will still pay a conveyance fee. You will pay an attorney. You will buy Advertising. And have to manage the people who want to come in your house. How will you know they are qualified, or who they are? How will you know if they are employing customary practices? How will you respond to the home inspection, or other unknown situations that I have resolved daily for over 20 years. Is all that really worth the difference of me fee? I will deliver full service up front, with no fees due until I bring you to closing.

Since 1996 I have made a commitment to the public, delivering honesty, integrity, insight and understanding in my professional, and personal life. I realize your home sale is one of the largest financial transactions you may complete. I know you want it to go smoothly, without surprise and false hope. I present best, and worst case scenarios, so we can have options instead of stress. I negotiate on your behalf, maintaining confidentiality and order in the process.

I will suggest a comparable market value, reflective of market velocity, not one that just sounds good when I am being interviewed. We will explore your goals to find ways to support, and accomplish them. I do not plan on instilling big dreams of a higher than median sale, then ask you for reduction in 30 days. I know you interview multiple agents. As an independent professional I offer more value, loyalty, and unbiased advice. Remember, if my competition comes along and promises you 10-20% more, make sure you look at their comparable property report, which should have all the  houses within a mile of yours that are most similar. Listing for more more does not mean selling for more.

You will know who is in your house when you choose to work with me , unlike a person who sells by owner. Do you really want unknown people calling you at all hours, or knocking on your door without introduction, then walking around you home unaccompanied? Will you feel safe? How will you authenticate these people and their intentions?

How much will you save by selling your home without my support? Will you be able to answer all the questions in a way the builds confidence? Will you correctly interpret the buyer’s home inspection? Will you have all the correct forms at the closing? What if the buyer wants you to pay their buyer agent?

Your enhanced property presentation will be supported by my excellent photography, descriptive narrative and exhaustive property specifics. My goal is that everybody who makes an appointment to see your property already has a clear understanding of what they will be seeing, as misrepresentation and exaggeration are the marketing tools of amateurs which cost you valuable time and money.

Additionally, all buyer inquiries are delivered directly to me via our shared and confidential transaction management platform, Home-Base In-Touch, where you can track the progress of the marketing and closing process. You can also review your documents with your contact sphere in Berkshire Hathaway’s secure paperless document management system. Call my direct line (203) 877-2704 x 440826 text, or use the contact me at to get started planning your next move.

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